About Me

I love creating websites! It's almost like magic, you get to create something from nothing but an idea. The hundreds of steps it takes to go from a blank web page to a fully active website can be trying at times, but in the end the result is always worth the effort.

Key Strengths

I have a wide range of experience in building webistes, but these 3 key strengths always come into play no matter what type of site it is or what coding language may be used.

I have developed the ability to effectively communicate across multi-departments. Why is this important? Because in getting a website live, all roads eventually lead to the web developer and to keep the project moving forward I need to be able to talk to design, legal, systems, developers, project managers and the clients while using "their" language to keep the project on track and resolve issues.
The web is still young and bursting with energy to create new things. From programming languages, to hardware (mobile anyone?) to social media, change is everywhere. As a creator of websites, I understand this idea of flux and have learned to be ready to quickly adapt to something new. This flexibility also blends well with my next strength...
Problem solving
While creating websites is like magic, it can be difficult magic! That difficulty arises in overcoming obstacles in any variety of manner: technical, resources, legal (i.e.: the legal team just looked at this and...) and just plain old tight deadlines to meet. With my experience, I've learned how to look ahead to either avoid those obstacles entirely (my first strength helps with that!) or being flexible in how to approach issues so as to smoothly integrate them or sometimes knowing when to plain old bulldoze them. I've learned to look for the alternative solutions when it comes to solving a problem and getting the job done!

Experience List

In creating websites over the years, I've a vast array of experience with all aspects of web development. Below I've attempted to create a detailed list of everything I've worked with enough to qualify for inclusion.

HTML5, CSS, Responsive Design, JSP/JSTL, Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery/JS, SEO best practices.
WordPress, Alfresco, Vignette, Big Medium, Drupal.
Build & Release Management, Hudson, SVN, Mercurial, Photoshop, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Memcached, Dynacache, JIRA, QA, Eclipse, Aptana, UNIX, Apache, Copywriting, Information Architecture, Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Site Catalyst).
Experience with these but not a developer in them: WebSphere Commerce Systems, J2EE.

SingleTrack Productions?

Why call this site SingleTrack Production? Easy: My love for all things with the digital technologies combined with my love for riding a mountain bike down a flowing ribbon of dirt called singletrack. My head is usually either in the trail or on the web, thus the logo is a combination of the two. :)